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angry british vegan clown artist
i like sharing food, playing games and drinking tea
'when i say "i am stupid" i am not making a comparison' - ivor cutler

    Steve Cosmic, futurist, intuit, psychic, healer, links to profitable bikini movies. "The World's Most Interesting Man" →

    i can’t explain how truly excited i am about this website

    i strongly urge you all to take some time to explore what has to be the single greatest piece of performance and visual art in our history 

    (also take the time to resize some of the text boxes on the site!)

    I have been a forward thinker all my life.
    I am an inventor with numerous inventions and patents. A former bushpilot and hypnotherapist, I am very resourceful and intuitive. While practicing hypnotherapy, I started to explore my psychic potential, and in an experiment in 1990, I predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. I have often been described as being ahead of my time. Around 1978 I told others about the Smart Car concept, and I was laughed at.  About 30 years ago I thought of mixing butter with margarine, and you can see such a product in Safeway now. Around 1975 when VCR’s were new, I had visions of videos of fires, to simulate a fireplace with a TV screen, and visions of people buying videos of atomic bomb explosions. Both came to be.  About 27 years ago McDonald’s mainstay was burgers and fries, and I predicted that they would eventually sell healthier food. About 20 years ago I thought of taking ordinary water, adding minerals, and carbonating it. Dasani water is just that, in stores now. And there’s more. Many of my ideas were ridiculed.
    Maybe I am not that amazing. But do you know anyone else like me?
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    when movies should be untrue to the comics

    i just think it would be really nice if the makers of the amazing spiderman film series didn’t kill gwen stacy - that just maybe she could be something more than another woman in a fridge

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    Anonymous asked: So, are you a boy or a girl?



    Woah! Slow the fuck down there, Professor Oak.

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    How many liberals does it take to change a light bulb?

    Look, I know we promised change during the election, but right now we have to be pragmatic.

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    i should get back into making plushies again
mostly just dinosaurs

    i should get back into making plushies again

    mostly just dinosaurs

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    From my Limited Edition zine You Don’t Know Me, made for Sticky Institute’s Feed The Animals 2014 (now all sold out, sorry!)

    More of my zines and artwork on my Etsy store <3 <3 <3

    in love with these

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    I worked with Natalie Walsh this week to shoot her FIBER OPTIC JELLYFISH DRESS! It was a blast to shoot, and her project is really stunning, check it out! 

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    "In his Discourse on Colonialism (1951), Aimé Césaire wrote that Hitler slumbers within ‘the very distinguished, very humanistic and very Christian bourgeois of the Twentieth century,’ and yet the European bourgeois cannot forgive Hitler for ‘the fact that he applied to Europe the colonial practices that had previously been applied only to the Arabs of Algeria, the coolies of India and the Negroes of Africa.’"

    Mahmood Mamdani, from “Modernity and Violence” in Good Muslim, Bad Muslim  (via tzunuun)

    It bears repeating that the reason Hitler is a Western symbol for the darkest depth of all evil, is that he broke the pact of whiteness and did things within Europe that white people agree should only be done to non-Europeans in Africa, Asia, America. Genocide in those places is acceptable, even natural, to Europeans; but Hitler brought genocidal brutality to Europe, and for that he’s the epitome of evil.

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    caring too much. that's the curse of the working classes - david grabber →
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    how not to kill yourself with household items (TW - suicide, death, eating) →

    worth a read for the illustrations alone - by lindsay mound

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