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angry british vegan clown artist
i like sharing food, playing games and drinking tea
'when i say "i am stupid" i am not making a comparison' - ivor cutler


    If I’m eating it; assume it’s vegan. Stop asking. I haven’t given up my ethics for a fucking biscuit.

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    Devastatingly accurate though.

    Hamlet played by Ben Schwartz a la Jean Ralphio please

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    Today is the 75th anniversary of the Batman comic or in other words of a fictional rich dude punching poor people in the face and constantly not doing enough to stop truly dangerous villains

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    edmonton tumblr peeps?!


    i recently moved to edmonton, alberta
    and would be super stoked to find some rad peeps to hang with
    vegans, straight edge kids, board gamers, rpg players (iron kingdoms, hollow earth especially!) people into radical politics, people who like libraries, tea drinkers, experimental theatre makers, noise lovers, jazz fans and people who cut their own hair are some of the kinds of people i like

    any chance any of you exist here?

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    TW: Rape. Change.Org : Petition to remove victim blaming poster from UK circulation →

    you don’t need to be in the uk to sign this btw

    A new alcohol awareness campaign carries a poster which reads "One in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking."

    It is not consistent with the NHS’ own guidelines on ‘Help after rape and sexual assault’ in which they say ‘If you have been sexually assaulted, remember that it wasn’t your fault. It doesn’t matter what you were wearing, where you were or whether you had been drinking. A sexual assault is always the fault of the perpetrator.’ 

    death to rape culture and victim blaming!
    this is seriously fucking appalling and so harmful to survivors
    and at the same time reinforces and promotes a mind set that doesn’t
    place responsibility for rape on rapists

    rape happens because we live in a world where sexual violence is still seen as entirely permissible, as a marketing tool or as a part of the character of ‘masculinity’ as defined by patriarchal standards

    sign this and also let’s take some time to think about and critique our own exposure to (and participation within) rape culture
    be that 
    the jokes/humour we tell/laugh at
    the language we use
    the products and advertising we consume
    the magazines we read
    the food we eat
    the video games we play
    the pop culture we engage with
    the way we view and support survivors of rape
    our willingness to examine and modify our internalised sexism
    and call out others for their harmful actions/attitudes/speech
    fighting sexism and patriarchal values is a continual process
    not an essential identity we start from (i.e. not a sexist)
    let’s be better!

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    white liberals eating a plant based diet ≠ vegan

    i’ve been thinking lately about people using the word ‘vegan’ and not actually meaning ‘vegan’ - i’m not interested in refusing to take personal responsibly (a kind of “#not all vegans”) but rather in refocusing on the very framework of the philosophy itself (“#not veganism” if you will)

    veganism must inherently be

    • anti capitalist
    • anti patriarchy
    • anti racist
    • anti cis/heteronormative
    • anti animal agriculture/usage

    a philosophy of minimising harm and total liberation must extend in all directions simultaneously

    it is only by striking down everyone of these pillars concurrently that liberation will come

    each of these interconnected systems is based on the ‘right’ of one group to exert control over the lives of another - as long as the belief in such a right exists, there will always be those who act on it

    veganism does not simply say ‘it is wrong to [ab]use non-human animals’
    rather it stands against the very notions of ownership and exploitation
    it fights for personhood to be recognised by and for all lives on earth
    it calls attention to the malevolent nature of all hierarchies

    veganism refuses conditional ethics (x is only wrong IF enacted against a group deemed worthy by the dominant hegemony) in favour of actions and decisions that shape our lives in the here and now, whilst looking to (and realising) a better world tomorrow

    TL;DR animal agriculture is patriarchy is racism is colonialism is capitalism is transphobia is homophobia is ableism - the philosophy of veganism says no to all hierarchal/discriminatory evils

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    cosmo tip #886


    make sure all dialogue trees have been exhausted to ensure you have not missed a quest

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    with a heavy heart i'm selling my bike (in vancouver b.c.) - anyone interested? →

    anyone in vancouver looking for an especially nice bike?
    super not keen to sell it but moving away from the city

    pass on if you know anyone who might be interested…

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