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'when i say "i am stupid" i am not making a comparison' - ivor cutler

    'humane' slaughter as defined by the humane slaughter association

    this extract is from the ‘humane slaughter association’s handbook ‘the humane dispatch and disposal of kids and lambs’

    this necessitates a very firm blow to the back of the head with a hard, blunt instrument such as a heavy piece of wood. the kid/lamb should be held up by its hind legs with one hand and promptly struck on the back of the head with the chosen implement. alternatively, again with the kid/lamb held by its back legs, the back of the head should be struck against a hard object, such as a doorpost or stanchion. in order to be humane one has to be confident and forceful, it is better to hit the animals too hard rather than too lightly. if there is any doubt as to the effectiveness of the first blow, it should be repeated immediately, only much harder. death of the unconscious animal should be ensure by cutting the throat from ear to ear.

    humane slaughter = swinging a baby by its legs and smashing it’s head against a metal bar then slitting it’s throat

    just so we’re all clear

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      Now stop trying to reassure yourself that by eating “happy cows” and only contributing to meat/dairy industries that...
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